As a native of South Miami, I've spent much of my life exploring - alone - on or around the water. Those elemental moments of sky and water... and the edges between... are the foundation for my exploration as a painter as well. I'm fascinated with expressive composition and hold a deep respect for shifting light... pushing paintings that I hope open new views of both the expanse and the detail of the coastal landscape.

Often referenced as "interpretive" I'll easily depart to explore more abstract or distant characters... usually returning once again to rest comfortably at home. My art attempts to say as much about the way a place feels, as the way it looks... a collection of personal views - drawn from experience in life and in paint - of willing exploration and constant return to known edges and more familiar horizons.

My education came in Architecture from Auburn University and I've spent a 30 year professional career as an architect, graphic designer, visual communication strategist, and corporate communication consultant. I've been painting and drawing since childhood, and am fortunate to have work hanging in private and corporate collections from Seattle to the Bahamas and northern Europe.

I currently work from studios in Santa Rosa Beach in Northwest Florida and Atlanta Georgia... but am lucky enough to paint regularly from a particular dock in Abaco, a good friends home on South Georgia's Hird Island, and a stunningly beautiful cliff on the Central Maine coast.

I am represented by:

...Huff Harrington Fine Art, Atlanta, Georgia

Windsor Fine Art, new Orleans Louisianna and

... Gardner Colby Galleries, in Naples, Florida,

...Fusion Art Glass, Seaside Florida

Currently showing..:

"Earth and Sky"

\... at Windsor Fina Art in New Orleans, Louisianna - October 15, 2019

"The Hambidge Masquerade "
... at the Works in Atlanta, Georgia.
October 25, 2019

I support - and serve on the board of - The Hambidge Center, an 80 year old creative residency program located in Northeast Georgia.





All images and artwork, © 2005-2015, Douglas T. Foltz